Security Officers

Your protection is our priority! ASAP offers you highly trained security guards and officers that are committed in giving you with the best possible security solutions.

They can do:

  • Static guarding and monitoring
    • ASAP security officers can be a look out at your company‚Äôs door for everyone who enters your building or office. They can check IDs and bags, so they can secure that everyone who come in is free from any illegal possessions that may bring danger to your site. They can protect you, your employee, and assets from criminal invaders or someone who has suspicious gestures.

  • Bodyguards / Close Personal Protection
    • If you are a high-profile celebrity, public figure or VIP, then you need ASAP security officers who are trained and experienced to protect you and provide prompt action and support in any case of emergency that may occur.

      We also offer state-of-the-art luxury vehicles and limousines, aircraft, helicopters, and yacht to clients that they can use to and from any airport, marina, and residence that can accommodate either individuals or groups. Our VIP Unit can and will provide in such a professional way whatever the need of the clients; your VIP will be glad ASAP security officers and bodyguards are there!

  • Customer service functions, screening, controlling access points, and incidents reporting
    • You can rest assured that ASAP security officers work with your interests. Our security officers pride themselves to be friendly and helpful while protecting you, your people, and property. They answer phone calls and assist queries where possible, do security screening, controlling access to your network or data using advanced technologies, and report incidents such as robbery, murder, and other criminal cases.

  • Party and Events security and First Aid Support
    • ASAP provide highly efficient security guards for public or private events to protect you, your family, friends and even your property. Our security officers can also greet your guests and staffs while assisting them on their enquiries, monitor everyone who enter the party to guarantee safety and security of the events place, respond to security and emergency alerts like fire alarms to help staffs and guests follow proper procedures to safety, support them with first aid if necessary, and perform a wide range of duties beyond conventional security functions.

Click here to view the Police Safe Party Pack information brochure.


Why Choose Us

  • 100% Australian owned and operated
  • Perfect Safety Record
  • Licensed to operate in different states
  • Quality Assured to ISO9001
  • Certified for WHS and Environmental Management
  • Service Level satisfaction guarantees a price match
  • We have branches in your state/city
  • We work with integrity, transparency and respect

Master License

(SYD) 000 102 501

(QLD) 404 73 75

(WA) SA5 43 81

(TAS) 212 85

(ACT) 175 02 43

(VIC) 882 642 72S

(SA) ISL 276637