• Why You Need Security Patrols



    Australian Security and Protection’s goal is to keep you and your business safe from threats and crime. We help ensure that your properties are safe and free from intruders or vandals.

    Here’s why you need security patrols:

    For security assurance

    A skilled and well-trained security patrol service can effectively handle the monitoring, check for intruders, and escort staff for their protection. Business events can attract criminals because of the people themselves and their possessions, the equipment used for the event and of course the cash takings. ASAP gives the highest professional security and protection for your business because we apply the right security

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  • Why You Need A Security System

    Why You Need A Security System

    Having a professional security system for your business will not only prevent theft or fire, it will also save your time and money. You do not need to worry about your business every minute and having a security system will save your business from jeopardy. A fire on an act of theft will cost your business a lot of money, so having a security system is important.

    Here are a few more reasons why you need a security system:

    Real-time security updates

    Even if you are away from your business, you can easily get real-time updates on your mobile phone

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  • ASAP’s 24/7 Monitoring Gives Unparalleled Protection!

    ASAP’s 24/7 Monitoring Gives Unparalleled Protection!

    Australian Security and Protection’s top priority is your safety. ASAP provides home and company security systems, including offers wireless communications and IP monitoring platforms, throughout Australia. With our alarm monitoring devices and advanced technology, we have the solutions you need for you and your business’ protection.

    ASAP also offers a wide range of services even to retail companies where incidents of shoplifting, property damage, vandalism or theft may happen. With ASAP’s loss prevention officers, situations like those will be handled professionally

    The benefits of ASAP’s monitoring system include:

    24/7 Security Protection

    You do not need to worry about your business

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  • We pay close attention, always! We respond to situations, ASAP!

    We pay close attention, always! We respond to situations, ASAP!

    Sometimes, with great power and influences come with threats and danger. But do not let that affect you, because Australian Security and Protection is here to protect you all the way.

    And by protecting you, ASAP means protecting you, your business, your assets and your properties. ASAP offers highly trained security personnel that will provide you security in any situation.

    ASAP offers:

    Static guarding and monitoring

    Security officers will guard every door of your building, check bags and IDs. The security officers will make sure that no illegal possessions will be brought to your building that may harm you and

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  • Be protected ASAP!

    If you are someone who may be exposed to security threats, you need security officers who are highly trained and experiences to protect you and give a prompt action in case an emergency happens. Usually, when a security threat exists, this may lead to your business, assets, properties or other security risks which are unavoidable, so you need a quick response team and a security monitoring to avoid danger.

    Australian Security and Protection (ASAP) provides you all the security services you need. ASAP caters:

    Security Officers

    ASAP security officers can be the guards at your company’s door to secure everyone

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