Be protected ASAP!

If you are someone who may be exposed to security threats, you need security officers who are highly trained and experiences to protect you and give a prompt action in case an emergency happens. Usually, when a security threat exists, this may lead to your business, assets, properties or other security risks which are unavoidable, so you need a quick response team and a security monitoring to avoid danger.

Australian Security and Protection (ASAP) provides you all the security services you need. ASAP caters:

Security Officers

ASAP security officers can be the guards at your company’s door to secure everyone who enters the building by checking bags and ID. They can also be personal body guards, party or events security and first aid support. ASAP security officers are highly trained and experienced to protect you and act immediately in any case of emergency.

Security Patrols

ASAP security patrols are securing the locations assigned to them 24/7. ASAP has fully equipped security vehicles and highly trained patrol officers and are able to assist in an emergency, check intruders or larkers, report accurate incidents and respond rapidly, provide coverage to your sites or facilities, confirm signs of criminal activity, recognize unlicensed vehicles, escort staff for their protection and secure assets and properties.

Security Monitoring

ASAP has loss prevention officers, they work either in secret or openly to prevent criminal activity. These are benefits of ASAP’s active monitoring system: 24/7 security and protection, ready to respond security team and send off appropriate security officers and patrols that are responsible to act when something takes place.

Electronics Security

Secure your home, company or business and avoid criminal activity! ASAP provides electronic security solutions build for client’s requirements and needs. Here are he electronic security we offer: residential electronic alarm services, commercial electronic security services, access control and closed-circuit television CCTV.

There’s no time delay when security is at stake. Your protection is our top priority, call us now! 

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